Here are a few songs i'm proud of
Rambles for us who are in shambles
Why must it all be so unclear?
The way was once simple,
now it is dark,
the light was too bright and has blinded me.
It is the depressions that were that caused the depressions that are.
The cure was to love, unconditionally.
The way it was done was forced upon.
The generous cure-giver becoming a producer of pain.
The way it was done, is not the correct one.
The problem caused unfortunately grows.
The importance of what is not was overstated,
in such a way that much was lost.
Collateral damage caused by repairs has made much impact where previously there was none.
The world hangs in the balance, a world of many.
The weight of decisions being too much for some.
Why ask what cannot be answered when instead you can smile.
Asking the unanswerable leads to despair.
Just stay calm, enjoy the suns glare.
The big answer eludes us all.
Why not be patient?
else you will fall.
The question was, is and always will be.
Let it go and be free.
Un-escapable harmony can only then be achieved.
The way it is done is unknown to most.
They blunder on, trying to run.
The only confrontation is one of introspect.
Gaining life when you gain respect.
Where we live and love is all that has to be, for now.
It is all here,
there is nothing to be gained from losing what is precious.
Rambling is a gamble that doesn't pay off.
It leads to confusion,
where much is lost.
When it is all done the doing is forgotten.
Subconsciously live,
let the conscious roam free,
this is the way that I always shall be.
The madness approaches,
snarling violently.
Stating leads to contemplating,
the endless cycle leading to insanity.
When all information is not available,
some has to be fabricated or else the void of the unknown swallows you whole.
The truth is unnecessary when it cannot be found,
this being the waiting room for what is before and beyond.
Boundless beauty defends us from it all.
Look around you and know what you are.
We are all part of what is and was,
we become one with what is to come.
Why not accept that we are too weak to comprehend it all?
Just be satisfied,
spread joy and glee.
The way it is done is confusing to some even when it can be done so easily.
Some start cheating and cannot go back.
It is hard,
once lost,
to find your way back.