Hello, I'm AJ


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Top Software

Paint Paint Dot Net Gimp Adobe Photoshop Blender Alfacam Visual Studio Code Netbeans Eclipse Atom Terminal Sublime Text Notepad++ Adobe Illustrator Git Git Bash Jira Kanban Miminote Vivaldi Firefox Chrome Brave Ableton Live Fruityloops Studio Filezilla Audacity Handbrake Sony Vegas Teamspeak Skype Discord Virtual DJ Traktor PhpStorm IntelliJ Inkscape Mandelbulber Mandelbulb3d Node Docker ProcessExplorer Slack Thunderbird VirtualBox Wamp Xamp x360ce

Programming Languages

  • Java
  • PHP
  • C# / C / C++ / Assembly
  • Css2 / Css3 / Scss / Sass / Less
  • Html / Haml / Pug
  • Sql & Document stores
  • Shell Scripting / Linux Bash / Windows Batch Scripting
  • Python
  • Javascript / Coffeescript
  • Scala
  • Processing.py / Processing.js
  • Json / Xml / Xaml

I Identify as a Polyglot, learning syntax and researching the techniques I need, as I need them.

Libraries, Frameworks & Engines

Vaadin Play Framework Vue JmonkeyEngine Unity Unreal Engine Bootstrap UiKit jQuery Recliner.js Masonry Packery Lightbox Fancybox Wordpress LazyYt.js Codeigniter Laravel Shopify D3.js Three.js Spring Hibernate Ember.js Webassembly WebPack Vue-Chartjs Chartjs Highcharts Phaser Svg.js Zuck.js Tippy.js Blender Payara Glassfish Numpy Fontawesome

Job Titles

Technical Designer Devops Engineer Front End Developer Software Developer Web Developer Waiter Runner Craftsman Javascript Lecturer Java Developer

Philosophy and Interests

  • Biology
  • Physics
  • Production
  • Chemistry
  • Meditation
  • Music Mixing
  • Music Theory
  • Transparency
  • Visual Design
  • Brutal Honesty
  • Audio Sampling
  • Yoga / Pilates
  • Life is Fractal
  • Musical Harmony
  • Socrates / Plato
  • Change != Progress
  • Kindness has no cost
  • Communication is key
  • Freedom of expression
  • Individuals hold power
  • Being offended is a choice
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • Failing to plan is planning to fail
  • Collective thought shape individuals
  • Connectivity is the The Great Leveler
  • Buzzwords are not a valid project plan
  • Poetry and Music outlive us, and drive us
  • Knowledge is greater than material wealth
  • Sensational Media is the weakness of the collective
  • Audio Synthesis - Additive / Subtractive / FM / etc
  • Rules should be adhered strictly or changed if impeding progress.
  • Political Centrist - Liberty + Conservatism, per issue basis discussion